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The List l 5 things we are looking forward to this weekend.

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The weekend is here again and we are pretty excited about it here at 88Nine. This week was a hot one. It’s time to get those sticky thighs off our car seats and into a bar stool. The summer is non-stop in Milwaukee with events that are so cool, you will feel like you are in air conditioning. This week we are looking to broaden our horizons. It’s mid-July, lets stretch our legs a bit and maybe take a day trip to the boarder. I’m going to let you know what we are looking forward to inside and out of Milwaukee this week.

5. Karaoke

I never really thought that I was a karaoke person until one of my friends thrust a microphone in hands late one inebriated night. Since then, I have been drunkenly yelling at TV screens with a microphone in my hand at any chance I get. And let me tell you, I want to sing with some 88Nine listeners. We posted a karaoke status on our Facebook page earlier and we enjoyed those responses all day. I really hope there is a space to karaoke in our new digs so we can all sing together. That would be one hell of a segment. Keep yelling Milwaukee, and DOOOONN’TT STOP BELEEEEEEEEEVIIIIINNNNNNN, let’s hold on to this feeling.

My "go to" karaokee song is My Way by Frank Sinatra

4. Craft Beer

You know as well as anyone else that beer is what made Milwaukee famous. Draft beer put us on the map, but craft beer has been keeping our beer scene alive and kicking. This Saturday brings Firkin Beer Fest at Cathedral Square Park. There will be 90 beers being served and all kinds of Milwaukee brewing history and ephemera.


3. Olde Fashion Fun

Dust off ye olde tri-corner hat and hob knob with all ye knights and maidens at the Bristol Renaissance Faire. Seriously, you can’t take a trip this far back in history often. My grandpa took me and my brother when we were 8 and we still have the wooden swords we bought. Also, gigantic slabs of meat.

2. Festa Italiana

Summerfest came to an end, which means that Milwaukee celebrates parts of its cultural heritage from this weekend on. This week is Festa Italiana!  Festa is one of the only times that you are able to ride in a gondola in Milwaukee, not to mention all the fantastic food that Festa offers.

(Obligatory Dean Martin song)

1.Pitchfork Music Festival

Where Summerfest champions inclusivity, Pitchfork champions exclusivity. It is the go-to music event of the year for music nerds, and our ears have been perked since they announced the line-up. 88Nine favorites Toro Y Moi, Foxygen, Mikal Cronin, Phosphorescent, and Joanna Newsom will be playing, in addition to many bands that we listen to off air. Check our unpaid intern top 5 bands, and make sure you follow us if you are going because we are taking a Milwaukee family picture while we are down there and we want YOU to be in it. 

Autre Ne Veut- Just one more band I would see if I could afford to go.