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Annual Worldwide 24-Hour Runathon to Raise Awareness for Health and Giving

Sun, 08/25/2013 - 2:45pm
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On Sunday, August 25th, help Thomas Budde, Ph.D., Founder & Operator of the GIVE shirt movement and many others around the world, as they run 24 hours straight to raise awareness and money for health and giving.  This event is free!  Participants are encouraged to donate to - or raise money for - the theGIVEshirt.com, Karno Kids, or any other charity of their choice to help make this event and these fantastic charities successful.  The GIVE shirt movement, operated entirely by volunteers, increases the global consciousness of giving by distributing clothing printed with the word “give.”  With this in mind, ALL PROCEEDS from distributed apparel are given to a wide variety of other charities.  Karno Kids helps prevent childhood medical issues by helping kids become more active.

Don't worry, supporters aren't expected to run the full 24 hours to get involved.  In fact, to help this wonderful cause you don't have to run at all!  

How can you join us?

✹ Run (or walk, or bike, etc.) wherever you are in the world that day, as long as you want

✹ Organize a group in your area to do the same

✹ Spread the word (facebook, twitter, email, etc.)

✹ Donate/Pledge

✹ Raise money

✹ Run/Bike with us in Milwaukee, WI, USA

Please join us in promoting worldwide health and giving by taking part in the 4th Annual Worldwide Runathon.  Please learn more about this event and how you can join/donate by clicking here, or go to the website www.theGIVEshirt.com.