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Students shave heads for cancer research

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  • Freshman Molly Burghardt smiles after getting her hair buzzed. All together, she raised $1255 for the MACC Fund.
  • Friends congratulate Burghardt immediately after her haircut.
  • Burghardt had been growing out her hair for months leading up to this day.
  • Both boys and girls from all grade levels took the plunge.
  • Students take a moment to adjust to their new haircuts.

It was an emotional afternoon inside the gymnasium at Shorewood High School as students shaved their heads to support the MACC Fund.

Students with longer hair donated the clippings to Locks of Love, while those with shorter hair, both boys and girls, simply buzzed their heads in solidarity, standing alongside children with cancer.

And it was more than a fashion statement.  Each student who participated raised money for the Midwest Athletes Against Childhood Cancer Fund, from $10 to more than $1000.  

In all, Shorewood students raised tens of thousands of dollars for cancer research.

"It feels spiky and weird," said freshman Molly Burghardt, running her fingers through her new bristly haircut. 

"But it's just hair.  It'll grow back," she added, smiling.

Over the last several months she collected more than $1200 from family and friends, dollar by dollar.

"This has been going on for quite a while at our school, and I just wanted to be a part of it," she said.  "It feels really good to know you're helping someone."

The MACC Fund has partnered with Shorewood High School for the last 10 years.

"Whenever you get people who don't have to do something and who take the time to reach out and help, it's inspirational," MACC Fund Executive Director John Cary said.  

"It's really a community coming together, as they have for the last several years, to really make a difference," he said.

Founded in 1976, the MACC Fund supports research to fight childhood cancer and related blood disorders. 

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