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Deee-Lite-ful Samples Round Up

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All this week on the Seven o'Clock Sample, we have been exploring the music of Deee-Lite.  We began the week with some funky cuts, but the hits keep coming.

On Wednesday, we heard A Clash sample from the song "Armageddon Time"




This track was used on the Deee-Lite song "Apple Juice Kissing"




We listened to the Deee-Lite theme next...



Which was contains a sample of Kool and the Gangs' classic instrumental "Give It Up".




I feel that I saved the best for last.  From the album INFINITY WITHIN, one of my favorite Deee-Lite tracks is got to be "Heart Be Still"



Super funky track, with a super funky drum break.

Check out the break on this O'Jays song...