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Dance Samples Edition: Basement Jaxx

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This week on the 2 o'clock Break, we are looking at "dance music".  This is a VERY loose term, but for our purposes, we are looking at electronic based music, that uses samples.

Yesterday, we heard my all time favorite dance sample from Daft Punk. We had explored this sample in the past on the show.

Today, we go back to 1999 for a perfect moment in time for electronic dance music.  Basement Jaxx released their debut XL record release REMEDY.

This album was full of hits for the Jaxx.  "Red Alert", "Rendez-Vu" and "Jump N Shout".  My personal on the album was the track "Bingo Bango".



If the horn lick sounds sampled... well it is!

In 1988, the group Bolivar released a track simply called "Merengue."

(Check the horn lick at 0:31)