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Dactyl Transmedia/Tyrannasaurific Partnership/Make A Difference Week 3

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Aarrrrggggh! That's the sound of ABC: Always be Creating, and that sound is made by the following two visionaries and their minions: Sam Hogertson and Matt Sabljak. These two dactyls took the concept of Transmedia (creating media across platforms rather than in isolated, static forms) and brought it to life in order to take over the world. Spreenkler fearless leader Romke de Haan introduced these two evolved critters, and now, world domination continues through Milwaukee Public Schools. Sam and Matt are working with students at Audubon Technology and Communication High School, and are working on additional project as well, such as . Students are encouraged to practice ABC (minus Alec Baldwin, of course), and the Dactyl Transmedia dynamic dinosaur duo are onto other project such as the Drug-Free Coalition.....and something involving...uh...people chained up....as....dogs...in order to draw attention to animal abuse and leashing critters indefinitely.

These Dactyls ARE coming unleashed. Follow em!