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Lollapalooza 2013: Question of the Day Pt. II

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Today's question centered on "Which city has the best music scene?" Let's take a look at what people said:

L/R: Megan Shawner, 26, Grad Student, Madison, WI; Lindsay Messina, 27, Researcher, New York City, NY

Josh: Which city has the best music scene?

Lindsay: Asbury Park. Can I say Asbury Park?

Of course you can say Asbury Park. Megan?

Megan: San Francisco

Hell yes. I am in total agreement.


L/R: Erin Kitchen, 26, Server, Grand Rapids, MI; Moses Benavides, 25, Restaurateur, Grand Rapids, MI

Which city do you think has the best music scene?

Erin: I don't know, not Grand Rapids.

That's a great answer.

E: Yeah, I mean, there's a lot of smaller bands, but nothing really big.

M: I'd say Chicago. I come out here a lot, and it's easy to get to.


L/R: Kylee Banicki, 15, Student, Oconomowoc, WI; Rachel Banicki, 17, Student/Server, Oconomowoc, WI

Which city has the best music scene?

Rachel: I don't know, I haven't really been around enough, maybe someday when I've had more experience I'll have an opinion.

Kylee: I don't really have an opinion either.

Is there any group of bands you really like that are all coming out from around the same city?

R: It's hard to pick.

Alright, well before we leave, we have to ask, did you guys do your hair yourself?

[collective nod]


bL/R: Miranda Weber, 15, Student, Northbrook, IL; Annie Crawford, 15, Student, Northbrook, IL; Gina Puag, 15, Student, Northbrook, IL

Which city would you guys say has the best music scene?

Gina: Probably Chicago.

Miranda: Yeah, Chicago.

Annie: Chicago, because dance music was born here.

Dennis Lim, 32, Hospital Tech, Chicago, IL

Which city has the best music scene?

Well, I'm really digging this guy I'm on my way to see right now, Charles Bradley.

So, wherever he's from then?

Yeah, sure.

And do you have any idea where that is?

No. But, I tend to gravitate towards that type of sound if that helps.

I guess Chicago wins.