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Former 88Nine Intern Launches A Milwaukee-Centric Magazine

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Here at 88Nine, we are very lucky to have some amazing and talented interns. One of those former interns, Alison Henderson, will be launching a new magazine called Rust. Rust Magazine will be a bi-monthly that will tell stories about Milwaukee with a unique voice and design aesthetic.  Here is Rust's mission statement:

The raw, the exposed.

Rust is not a high-gloss finish, It is an unpolished surface that is dirty, broken and beautiful.

Rust is not a four-letter word. It is a merit, a pride, a history.

It is not decay. It is change.

It is the smile lines, the cracks, the wounds of a lifetime in progress.

Rust is the underbelly of journalism, the underreported, the overlooked.

We are literary outlaws, honoring the rule breaking traditions of New Journalism and the timeless virtue of print.

We are observers. We are participants; sharing the news as it exists in our lives.

We are artists-- modern with a muted aesthetic. We speak in photographs, illustrations, drawings and paint. We write in videos, in visuals. With Vivation, Rust aims to bring to light Milwaukee's visionaries--an exhibition of vitality, a partnership, a showcase of the minds that are breathing life back into our city.

Rust recently released a prototype issue and is now raising funds via Kickstarter to continue their mission.  There is only a few hours left to get to their goal of $3,500.  We are really proud of Alison and the rest of the Rust staff.