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a.MKE: Zilber Grant to Safe & Sound, Supreme Court & gay marriage, MillerCoorsMKE, new Alterra to serve beer 6.16.13

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Zilber Family Foundation granted $120,000 to the community crime reduction program Safe & Sound to hire a Spanish bilingual community organizer to work in two south side neighborhoods. Safe & Sound uses partnerships to build connections between residents, youth, business, schools and law enforcement to address issues of public safety and neighborhood beautification.

In a follow up to yesterday's story: MillerCoors has achieved 100 percent landfill-free status in 5 of its 8 major breweries nationwide. The Milwaukee brewery currently reuses, reduces or recycles 99% of its waste by selling spent grains to farmers to use as cattle feed, selling yeast to pet food and soup companies to use in their products, replacing wooded beer pallets with recyclable pallets and sending used coffee grounds from the cafeteria to Growing Power to use as compost. They plan on going 100% by 2014.

The newest Alterra cafe opening Sunday at 67th and Wells in Wauwatosa, will be the first in the Milwaukee area to serve beer as well as coffee. The cafe that Alterra opened in Madison this year was the first of its coffeehouses to serve beer.

The Supreme Court is meeting to deliver opinions in two cases that could dramatically alter the rights of gay people across the United States. The justices are expected to decide their first-ever cases about gay marriage/The Defense of Marriage Act today in their last session before the court's summer break.