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a.MKE: Tire swings, VA clinics, free speeches and aid to Egypt 10.9.13

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The United States is preparing to announce a decision in the coming days to cut aid to Egypt, though not all of it. Some military aid could continue, including funds to uphold Egypt's obligation under its peace treaty with Israel and money for counterterrorism and security in Sinai where extremists have been able to set up base.


A follow up to yesterday's story about the VA's regional benefits office closing....The Milwaukee VA Medical Center and all clinics will remain open for normal business, despite government shutdowns. The VA also released a statement that the it has funds available to ensure claims processing and payments in compensation, pension, education and vocational rehabilitation programs will continue through late October.


To settle a free speech lawsuit, Gov. Scott Walker's administration agreed Tuesday to pay more than $88,000 in attorneys fees and adjust its requirement that larger groups protesting in the Capitol receive a permit. The State Department of Administration will keep its permitting rules in place but would also allow up to five days of demonstrations if protesters simply give the state two days' notice.


One by one, the City of Milwaukee has taken down the recycled tire swings made for adults under the Marsupial Bridge on Water Street as they were breaking and becoming unsafe. Although the swings were meant to be a temporary addition to the space, pleas from the community to reinstall the swings have been heard and the city has vowed to replace the swings.