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a.MKE: Secret Soundtrack, Rolling Stones, Ciacadas, UCC and Syria 5.6.13

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Israel carried out a series of airstrikes on military and scientific research facilities near the Syrian capital of Damascus this weekend. It is unclear whether the Syrian government will pursue direct military retaliation.

The United Community Center is closing its residential treatment facility for women later this month to build a bigger treatment center that will cost an estimated $1 million and open in the fall. The UCC also plans to expand the Bruce-Guadalupe Community School, adding enough space for an additional 600 students. The construction will begin this June.

Sometime between late April and early June, billions of Ciacadas are expected to emerge on the East Coast after feeding on plant roots underground for the last 17 years. They will burrow out of the ground, shed their outer skins, crawl up trees or buildings and fly around to find their mates. Once the females lay their eggs, the adults die in droves. This all happens in the course of four to six weeks. After another few weeks, the eggs hatch and the nymphs burrow into the soil and begin the next 17-year cycle.

In music news, the Rolling Stones rocked a packed house in Los Angeles on Friday on the opening night of their North American "50 and Counting" tour, but only after websites slashed ticket prices and the band released additional cheap seats at the last minute. Tickets were originally $250 - $600 and were slashed to $85.

Secret Soundtrack = Basquiat 

1. This movie is a 1996 biography/drama.

SONG: Iggy Pop "Lust For Life"


2. Quote: "We are no longer collecting art; we're buying people."

SONG: Grandmaster Flash "White Lines"


3. In the film, David Bowie is adorned in the actual wigs worn by the real Andy Warhol.

SONG: Rolling Stones "Beast of Burden"