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a.MKE: Secret Soundtrack, Flight 370, Senate Bill 324, BankMyBiz and Public Transport 3.10.14

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Despite the efforts of 34 planes, 40 ships and search crews from 10 countries, officials have not found any sign of a Malaysia Airlines flight that went missing two days ago. The only lead investigators have is an oil slick, stretching 6 to 9 miles, found in the Gulf of Thailand. Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 took off from Kuala Lampur early Saturday morning for Beijing, carrying 227 passengers.

Sunday, Mayor Tom Barrett and a large group of others spoke against Senate Bill 324, which limits voting in-person by absentee ballots to 45 hours per week, Monday through Friday. The Republican backed bill is up for a vote in the Wisconsin Senate on Tuesday.

Milwaukee/Madison based financial tech startup BankMyBiz.com was chosen as one of the few startups highlighted this week at SXSW, a massive technology, art and music festival in Austin, Texas. BankMyBiz was chosen from thousands of applications as one of 20 U.S. Companies featured in the festival's "Startup Villiage."

The American Public Transportation Association announced Americans are riding public transportation in record numbers. In 2013, nearly 10.7 billion trips were taken aboard public buses, trains and subways, the highest total since 1956. Expanding bus and train networks helped spur the growth. 


1. Tagline from this 1998 Comedy "Four Days, Three Nights, Two Convertibles, One City"

SONG: Tom Jones "It's Not Unusual"


2. QUOTE: "Let's get down to brass tacks. How much for the ape?"

SONG: Yardbirds "For Your Love"


3. Much of the clothing worn by Johnny Depp in the movie are actual pieces of clothing the real Hunter S. Thompson wore in the 70's. Thompson himself let Depp borrow them for the movie.

SONG: Combustible Edison "Spy vs. Spy"