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a.MKE: Mary Nohl house moving, lead paint ruling, Zoo baby welcomed and new debri investigated 3.28.14

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A Milwaukee County judge ruled in favor of a woman to pursue her 2006 lawsuit against the makers of lead paint, declaring the WI Legislature’s attempts to retroactively kill that lawsuit last summer were unconstitutional. The decision could open up paint companies to more lawsuits from thousands of children sickened by exposure to lead paint.  

For the first time since 1992, a western lowland gorilla has been born at the Milwaukee County Zoo. Kassiu was born March 19 to parents Naku and Cassius. There are about 475 gorillas in zoos across the country, and only 10 babies are born each year.

A piece of Milwaukee's art history will be leaving Fox Point. The Mary Nohl house will be dismantled and moved to the Kohler Arts Center in Sheboygan beginning in August. Mary NohlMore found online...

A renewed search for Malaysian Airlines flight 370 begins today after Japan and Thailand both said they'd sent satellite images to Malaysia showing new debris found in the Indian Ocean. Australian Maritime officials believe this is a very credible lead as rough weather continues to effect search efforts.