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a.MKE: District 1 election, Grassroots Grantmakers conference, U.S. Embassy explosion and Escuela Verde grant 9.13.13

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Milwaukee's Social Development Commission will hold a special election Friday to fill the vacancy for a resident representative in District 1 on the north side of the county, but there are no candidates. Because there are no official candidates o the ballot, the write-in candidate who gets the most votes will win a seat on the 18-memeber board that governs the anti-poverty agency.

90 people representing 28 cities are in Milwaukee this week for the national Grassroots Grantmakers conference, a network of financiers who work on neighborhood improvement projects that engage citizens. The conference is being held in partnership with the Zilber Family Foundation, which operates the 10-year $50 million Zilber Neighborhood Initiative to improve poor neighborhoods in Milwaukee.

A truck exploded in the area near the U.S. consulate in Afghanistan's Herat province early Friday during a heavy gunfight between militants and security forces. Just before 6am, attackers sped towards the front gate of the consulate, firing assault rifles when a truck exploded, causing major damage to the front gate of the consulate. There were no U.S. casualties.

Milwaukee's Escuela Verde charter school received a $99,935 service-learning grant from the State Farm Youth Advisory Board to create solutions to make environmental sustainability exciting and relevant for urban youth. Escuela Verde is a public charter school for 7th12th grades, using a hand-on approach curriculum that masters subject material while fostering civic responsibility.