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a.MKE: 3 of a Kind, Hijacked airline, MSO fundraising, Milwaukee taxes and Climbing Crocs 2.17.14

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A co-pilot on an Ethiopian Airlines flight bound for Rome hijacked the airliner early Monday morning and flew it to Geneva, Switzerland, looking for asylum. The co-pilot, and Ethiopian in his early 30's, took control over the plane when the pilot went to the restroom. He was arrested when the plane landed at Geneva International Airport. The 202 passengers and crew aboard the Boeing 767 were not harmed.

As reported by the MBJ: The Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra has raised $4.2 million of its $5 million fundraising goal. The symphony said corporations accounted for $612,000 of the funds raised, with the largest gifts coming from Northwestern Mutual, Rockwell Automation and WE Engergies.  Milwaukee-area foundations including Greater Milwaukee Foundation, Helen Bader Foundation and Bradley Foundation donated over $1.1 million.

According to an article published yesterday by USA Today, Milwaukee ranks near the top in taxes for large U.S. cities. The report reviewed the estimated property, sales, auto and income taxes for hypothetical families at various income levels in each state's largest city.

A researcher from the University of Tennessee released a study proving that crocodiles can in fact, climb up trees. The study, which observed the reptiles in Australia, African and North America, documented crocodiles climbing as high as six feet off the ground. People who spend time around crocks have knows about the climbing ability for decades, but this study is the first to thoroughly examine the climbing and basking behavior. 


1. Tagline from 1985 Adventure/Comedy "He was never in time for his classes, he wasn't in time for his dinner. Then one day, he wasn't in his time at all."

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2. QUOTE: "Well, that is your name, isn't it? Calvin Klein? It's written all over your underwear."

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3. Christopher Lloyd always wanted to do one more movie, in which Marty and Doc Brown time-travel back to Ancient Rome.

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