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<p>A lot in life being chance, Marcus Doucette planted a seed some years ago when he took an invitaion to DJ a party at Lakefront Brewery in Riverwest. Little did he know that seed would continue to grow...<br /> <br /> Waiting tables and working coffee bars, connecting with people and collecting cuts, teaching yoga and traveling by track bike was the life he lived until a chance encounter affirmed what everyone had always noted...&quot;you should be in radio,&quot; what they said. So when the offer came to volunteer at a local radio station, he didn&#39;t hesitate and became host for that station&rsquo;s popular and aptly titled &ldquo;The Fantastic Planet.&rdquo;<br /> <br /> The show was known for its worldly ways, funky flavor and uninhibited approach to music, mixing genres and bending crazy arcs through eras with the DJ&#39;s intuition and critic&#39;s taste that are his calling cards. In 2007, another chance was encountered when a call came through; that there was a new station in town that was starting soon. Intrigued, he inquired and found a place as dedicated to supporting his home town and its artistic and cultural communities as he wished he could be. When the offer came to join<br /> RadioMilwaukee, he knew he&#39;d found something unique and special. So the chance brought the circumstance, and he&#39;s been honing his skills here ever since.<br /> <br /> Joining a killer staff of like-minded individuals, you can hear his commitment and love for the city and her people in his voice. Dulcet tones underly a poetic delivery that puts a swig of style in even the most mundane musing. Substance trumps swagger with Marcus however, and he continues to be humble about the experience that continues to grow. Exploring the far-flung musics of this planet, his Sound Travels bear the fruit of these chance meetings that have been blooming for years.<br /> <br /> Just listen if you need proof...everyday from ten until two, he DJ&#39;s for you.</p>