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5 O'Clock Shadow | Jackson 5/Lake Street Dive

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I Want You Back

Michael Jackson was 10 years old when he recorded the vocals to one of Jackson 5’s biggest hits, “I Want You Back”. Five brothers with dynamite voices and tight choreography changed the world of Motown and provided us with several toe tapping tunes.  Full disclosure, “I Want You Back” is one of my personal favorite pop songs of all time. With a great chord progression and all around energetic vocals, I find it undeniably contagious.  



“I Want You Back” was covered on the 5 O’Clock Shadow by the soulful band out of Boston, Lake Street Dive. Lake Street Dive slows down the song, turning the retro pop song into a jazzy ballad. With powerful, drawn out vocals from the lead singer, Rachael Price, and an isolated trumpet part, the song beautifully tows a line of desperation. The band has been performing for the past ten years and with their new album, Bad Self Portraits, out now, they are rapidly gaining speed. Lake Street Dive is performing at this year’s Summerfest on July 1, they’ll be an act not to miss.