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414 Music Live Review: Ethan Keller

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Local talent Ethan Keller performed for last Thursday’s 414 Music Live and brought with him a keyboardist and electric guitar player. Keller, plus the two additional members, aptly call themselves The Ethan Keller Band. Wholly well-constructed and fueled by ambition, Keller’s studio session had a chilled-out swagger that simultaneously boasted persuasive lyrics and punchy instrumental swells in each song. The super-melodic, soulful vibe that Keller and the band brought to life in our studio (sans percussion, might I add) was delightfully refreshing.

In life, Keller wears a number of hats: musician, father, activist, and cider-maker. He chatted with us about it all, from his fight against the use of offensive native mascots in professional sports to his newfound business making homemade hard cider. To finish off our session with the ever-interesting Ethan Keller, he played the song “Goin’ Down in History, Goin’ Down In Flames,” a track off his most recent album with the same name. The tune reflects his artistic statement of pouring your whole self into your passion, and the singer-songwriter does just that in his music and all other aspects of his life.

If you missed seeing Ethan Keller on Thursday, click here to learn more about his music.

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