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414 Music Live: Ian and the Dream | Aug. 28, 2014

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Ian and the Dream was featured during our 414 Music Live session on Aug. 28. This Milwaukee band was originally formed in 2008 when front man, Ian Ash, and high school best friend, Chivo, decided to pursue their seemingly-lofty dream of making it in the music industry. Now, six years later, Ash and Chivo are living out that dream.

The band will be releasing their third album, California Cauliflower, this September. This album will mark the band’s first self-produced album (The band’s first two albums were produced by Ben Fold’s producer, Stephen Short).The CD release party will take place on Friday, September 5th, at Evolution MKE as part of the Yellowphone Music Conference.

During this session, Ian and the Dream talks about the Beach Boys influence in the naming of their latest studio album, previous producer Stephan Short’s untimely diagnosis of colin cancer, and an unexpected, but necessary, visit to Hooters. Be sure to stream the entire session above!